Naoaki Mashita
Founder and CEO of V-cube Inc.  

Mr. Mashita has driven the company from being founded in 1998, to being listed in December 2013 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers board and subsequently in July 2015 to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  Now based at V-cube, Inc. offices in Singapore, he continues his drive to provide evermore innovative, effective visual communication platforms and services to a global market.

Dave Kovalcik
Founder/CEO of XYVID platform (now XYVID V-cube).  

An accomplished entrepreneur in the Great Philadelphia Area, Dave Kovalcik has distinguished himself as an innovator for the past 25 years.

Brian Lotte
Chief Operations Officer at V-cube USA/Europe Inc.

Based in Paris, France, Brian Lotte runs the European and USA operations. He will typically be working in the background, for your project.
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