Immersive Hybrid Events
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XYVID V-cube offers on-site and remote live streaming/recording services for conferences. Additionally, XYVID V-cube can provide Virtual Venues such as in this example to host your conference live stream.

In the current climate of travel uncertainty, if you need a company that can easily transition from an on-site hybrid to a completely virtual event, XYVID V-cube is there for you.


•  Onsite services for live streaming and recording video and slides of presentations
•  Interaction tools during live streams using our XYVID platform that can include speaker bio pop-outs,
   quizzes, tickers (to display information), chat, polling and gamifications (such as timed trivia with winners   
•  Virtual Venue builds (if desired) as displayed in this example. These are completely customizable.
•  Remote services include remote presenter recording and content editing, hosting and broadcasting Virtual
•  LMS (learning management systems) for Professional Education Credit tracking and Certificate Issuance

The Xvyid Pro software software displayed in the "Auditorium" tab can be self standing (it does not need a Virtual Venue to host the content). There are further examples of varying types of recorded content in in the "Video Library" tab.


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When conveying your corporate message to thousands of attendees in multiple locations, XYVID V-cube's cloud-based live event streaming platform quickly and easily scales to meet your needs.

XYVID V-cube makes it easy to convey your corporate message for live and pre-recorded conferences, hybrid events, sales trainings, webcasts, educational seminars and much more.

Your remote viewers won’t feel like they’re behind a glass wall with XYVID V-cube. Our full suite of engagement tools creates a digital environment that keeps them fully engaged in your live event, including a social feed, news ticker, polling, in-event games, and a content panel, click on the Auditorium to see a sample.

To schedule an information session with a XYVID Vcube technician, click the link at the top to find a convenient appointment time.  Completely virtual to providing onsite support, XYVID V-cube is your global solution provider.